Doppler Reader

Doppler Reader is a simple browser that is built to enhance the experience of reading the web on E Ink.

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Enhance reading the web on E Ink!

Doppler presents controls that allow you to step through web articles one screen length at a time. This approach is a more natural experience on E Ink, and allows you to read faster while keeping a more comfortable and casual hold on your device.

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Picture of Boox E Ink device running Doppler

Versatile Controls

Doppler's controls can be dragged to any location on the screen and that's where they will stay until you move them. This makes Doppler comfortable to use no matter what hand or orientation you are using the device.

Screenshot showing Quick Settings

Customizable Options

Various aspects of the Doppler experience can be customized. Such as the placement of Doppler's overlayed controls, the "Step Overlap" when traversing content, and the default page that loads when Doppler is launched as a standalone app. Enjoy cloud synced bookmarks across all of your Android devices!

Screenshot showing share dialog

Works with many News Aggregators

Getting content to Doppler is easy and can be accomplished in a few different ways. From within a news app you can simply "share to" the Doppler App to open that content. Have a favorite web-based aggregator with a web interface? Set it as your Default Page in Doppler to see your content automatically on launch!

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Support and Feedback

I'm interested in hearing from users about what features they like in Doppler, and what features you'd like to see in the future. Of course, if you're running in to an issue and need some help, please reach out as well!